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Tehran, Dr. Fatemi Street, between the fourth and fifth streets, No. 84, Unit 12

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Tehran, Dr. Fatemi Street, between the fourth and fifth streets, No. 84, Unit 12

Screw Air Compressor - Oil inject

Screw compressor

is the most common and most used compressor in various industries to produce different capacities of compressed air with low energy cost and affordable maintenance.

The screw compressor has various components and parts. The Air End, electric motor, unloader valve, separator tank and filter, electrical panel and control panel, etc. are the main components of the screw compressor.

Noavar Industrial Company with more than four decades of continuous and brilliant activity and using the highest quality parts available, relying on the experience and strength of Iranian engineers and international consultants and complying with production standards, in the field of designing and manufacturing screw compressors and compressed air equipment, has always played an effective role in this industry.


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Some of the advantages of the NOAVAR Ind. Co. Screw Air Compressor:

Models and technical specifications

Screw compressors


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Advantages of using VSD (Variable Speed Drive) in screw compressor:

The use of VSD or "variable speed start-up" by increasing or decreasing the speed of the electric motor (depending on the amount of compressed air consumption) causes the speed of the air-generating unit (rpm) to decrease or increase, which prevents energy wastage in the system. And finally, the energy and electricity costs of a compressor will decrease significantly. Although the use of VSD increases the initial investment cost, the reduction in electricity and energy costs will justify the initial investment cost after a short period of time.

Most industries require compressed air with variable specifications, which is very effective and efficient to use VSD to increase and decrease the amount of output air according to the consumer's needs. A small percentage of facilities require constant compressed air, although the use of VSD saves energy consumption in machines requiring constant air.

Star/Δ starting and frequent stops of the electric motor puts a lot of stress on the insulation of the electric motor, if using VSD, these stresses that reduce the efficiency and life of the electric motor.

Star/Δ compressor start-up suddenly starts the electric motor and puts the electric motor under a very large starting torque and current. On the other hand, VSD gradually increases the speed of the electric motor to reach the operating speed. In this way, it reduces the electrical and mechanical stresses, and as a result, it reduces the cost of maintenance and increases the lifespan of the electric motor and other rotating equipment.

Starting and operating the screw compressor in the star/Δ method causes the electric motor to work at full power and the oil temperature of the screw compressor suddenly increases, the lower the oil temperature, the lower the life of the internal equipment of the compressor and the efficiency of the filters. Starting and operating the screw compressor with VSD reduces the operating temperature of the compressor and consequently increases the quality of the output compressed air and increases the useful life of the internal parts of the screw compressor.

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